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RIP CLINT cummings

Jeramy got his start as an apprecntice under tattoo legend Clint Cummings of Sparrow Tattoos. While under Clint's wing, Jeramy became a renowed artist, the shops manager and good friend. 


Clint Cummings was known as an award-winning tattoo artist who’d been slinging ink for nearly a decade in the Fort Worth area. His skill with a tattoo gun landed him a spot on the second season of Ink Master, a tattoo competition judged by Miami Inkcast member Chris Núñez and local tattoo legend Oliver Peck from Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas.



Sleepy Hollow Tattoos started in the backwoods of Burleson, Texas and quickly became a local legend in the community. With back-to-back appointments and sought after artists, the location could no longer handle the volume of work being placed on it. Jeramy was quickly forced to move his operation to the fast-growing downtown Fort Worth art, bar and retail district... Situated close to 7th street his operation has expanded by several thousand square feet to accommodate lots of new artists and visiting legends so that all the people wanting to get their ink and piercings done by Sleepy Hollow could be more easily accomplished.

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